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The Sorax PDF SDK DLL is designed for professional use where its highly developed technology can realize its full potential. In addition to characteristics such as high visual fidelity and support for documents in any language.

The Sorax PDF SDK DLL is a compact and sophisticated component. It is a small, powerful, fast, clean SDK for viewing, printing, exporting PDF page contents in a wide range of applications with higher grade rendering quality and fast response time. It can be used from different programming languages, including C/C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, etc. You can localise user interface for your PDF application.

Sorax PDF SDK DLL uses the same core technology as the Sorax Reader; therefore it can display PDF files quickly, accurately, and with high quality.



View, Print Module

Supported functions

File Print, Qick Print, Properties and Meta data. Outlines (bookmarks). Find text. Copy the selected text to clipboard. Render PDF page(s) to display. Set the page layouts. Rotate page(s). Full screen mode. Automatic scroll. Hand, Select, Marqee zoom, Dynamic zoom and Snapshot tools.

Direct Printing Module

Supported functions

File Properties and Meta data. Direct printing.

Export Module

Supported functions

File Properties and Meta data. Export pages from PDF file to text, bitmap or XML file. Extract the embedded images, fonts from PDF files.


Sixteen Step-by-Step Code Samples for Learning Form Sorax PDF SDK.

You can download sample programs suited for the most popular development environments, from here.

# Sample Description
1 SimpleViewer Creating a simple PDF-view window.
2 Print Using the Print function.
3 Find Handling the Search function.
4 Navigate Implementing navigation through pages.
5 Zoom Zooming in/out in page view.
6 PageDisp Displaying pages in variant ways in the view window.
7 RotView Rotating the view window.
8 RotPage Rotating pages in the view window.
9 Tools Using Tools in the view window.
10 Properties Acquiring the properties of a PDF document.
11 Outlines Using bookmarks.
12 PageLabels Getting PDF page labels.
13 PageText Extracting text content from a PDF.
14 MultiDoc Handling more then one PDF document at the same time.
15 Export Usage of the Export function.
16 DirectPrinting Using the Direct printing function.

You can find additional information about the product in the documentation.


Sorax PDF SDK DLL works with these Windows versions: 8 (32/64-bit), 7 (32/64-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), XP, 2000, NT, 98